Event series and gathering programs / Berlin / initiated with Dilsad Aladag

December 3, 7pm
Reading & Installation
daadgalerie, Oranienstraße 161, 10969 Berlin

Geographical characters found themselves as appointed borders very often. Who asked the river of Meriç, Maritsa or Maritza to be the border of nations? Or who asked the Haemus Mountains to separate countries?

Between the pursuit of a home in familiar lands and the nostalgia for a home far away, there is a space that ambiguity can fill. In Solak’s video work, Ev/Heim/Home, geography finds presence as spaces of ambiguity and invites spectators to question home, land and belonging.

An interplay of word, image, and sound; archival attention to the minutiae of everyday life; metaphors, symbols, a complexity that presents itself in vernacular; dramatic events offered in simple humanity. The references range from ancient philosophy to dancehall songs, which Mimaroğlu weaves into a personal rendering of moments and feelings through diverse media. Mimaroğlu’s performance will center Only All Things, a longer poem that will be published in the coming months in an edited book engaging with the work of Susan Taubes. Other included poems all belong to a manuscript in progress. The reading will be framed by recent audio works.

Photos from the event

Selen Solak
Video Installation: Ev/Heim/Home
Selen Solak is an artist and researcher in natural sciences and currently having a postdoctoral position at Humboldt University, Berlin. She works with photography, video and objects. She is engaged in text and images mostly in self-published small publication format.

Seda Mimaroglu
Reading Perfomance: Only All Things
Seda Mimaroğlu is a poet, writer, and artist from Istanbul with an academic background in law, literature, art history, and philosophy. Since 2007, she took part in many exhibitions and events with multimodal works and published in various outlets. In 2019, her collection of poetry, Loose Leaves, was released on audiotape by the Berliner Wanda imprint. Her book, Love Songs, was published in 2021 by Blue Figure Press.