Event series and gathering programs / Berlin / initiated with Dilsad Aladag

Moving to a new city brings new encounters. The intensity, diversity and plurality of encounters are directly related to the places that a city can offer. For us, the first months of a new journey in Berlin began with finding some of these places with a lot of joy, encountering people, narratives and meanings related to a variety of familiar and new subjects. After a while, we started to seek a place, Alan, to create more possibilities for the encounters we wonder about. Although the city is full of spaces and events, the encounter we seek, in the smaller, more intimate and closer form, is limited especially while we are still struggling with the feeling of being a new arrival in the city. We know this feeling will continue, we will be new for a while. But to shorten this for us and for others, we dream of finding a space and creating a place to generate new encounters and to be part of new constellations and commons in the future of this city. There, we wish to gather, program an event with a friend or a stranger around their/her/his creative or critical performance that forms a new spatial narrative which can be base for flourishing encounters.